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Andrea Austin

Week 4 Lecture 1 – January 29 , 2013 **reading guide on content mls Genre (picture of a house) - The style, shape of the house (bungalow, mansion etc. – overall style and shape) o This is genre - Skeletal structure, the bones, for the house o Overarching structure - Motifs, symbols, perspective o Added to your home, to make it more unique and appealing o Ex. Fireplace, pool etc. - Tone of wonder o Lighting choices, placement of furniture o Creates tone, an atmosphere in the house o How do the authors create the ‘colours’ in the narrative - Art of narrative construction - Purpose of the house o Security, to have a place to live o So what is the purpose of the book? What does it do in the world Today: - Motif, theme; more on the ring - Secondary world creation through combination of: familiar and fantastic - Cultural function of genre Motif Theme Archetype Magic Knowledge; wisdom; power; Wizard, Wiseman (someone control; the unknowable; mystery; who does the magic), a staff, what is hidden or scret wand, ring (what does the magic) - Suggests power and control - Gandalf’s reluctant use of it - Not everyone can do it Magical object - The ring o Treasure, secret, instrumental for Hero’s success o Need to be kept hidden, prone to being stolen o Given to the Hero (quester) o Given warnings (bad things will happen if object is misused) o Transformation, transportation o Supposing string of theft o The ring is the only reason that the dwarves made it alive at the end of the novel and make it to the mountain o The ring works on its possessor by dragging out and magnifies qualities they already have  Bilbo: his kindness, loyalty, integrity, truth  The ring helps him bring out these characteristics - Fundamental qualities of a thing o Shining truth emerges at the core of the fantasy - The One Ring o Magnifies, illuminates - The combination of the Familiar and the Fantastic and the creation of secondary worlds o The working of the ring in the Hobbit Seco
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