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Lecture 5

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Andrea Austin

Week 5 Lecture 1 – February 5 , 2013 Last Day: - How familiar and fantastic work together to create secondary world o Place (geography and legend) o Language (runes, Elven, kenning) - Cultural function of Fantasy Today - Gothic, definition and cultural function - Narrative strategy o Engagement: suture - Theme o Responsibility, individual and collective Dracula stands in the way of progress and future The past Privilege Tyranny Old systems Gothic - Originally an adjective derived from the word ‘Goth, the name of an ancient savage Germanic tribe, in literature the term “Gothic” has been applies to fictions characterized by a gloomy setting, violent or grotesque action, images of decay, degeneration, and Decadence, and a tone of moral panic. o Tone: Moral panic 1 in 8 women are prostitutes - Mass movements of people of the country to the city - Servant work and needle work Oscar Wilde trials - Homosexuality was an escape for moral panic - Had a relationship with a man - One of Britain’s play writes, sent for 10 years Opium dens - Drugs - Absence of laws regulating drug use and trafficking - Opium parlors as common as tattoo shops - Lodinum, watered down used for babies teething gums Charles Darwin - Revolution - “God is dead” - Panic around religion as corner stone Widespread child labour - Children dragging things through mines - Lighting a match to stay warm - Ages of 8-9 working in factories Vivisection - Trend in sciences cutting up live animals and occasionally live humans - Prevailing scientific thought that you could learn most about human anatomy when dissecting something while being alive - Dr. Mrowe Jack the Ripper - Serial killer - Thought he could get away with all the murders …fin de siècle Moral Panic sex, drugs, alcohol, money, the church -- abuse of power – Archetype: Monster; an embodiment or personification of traits or qualities considered evil, disgusting, and/or intolerable - Stoker makes an argument so new so forward thinking that it is nothing short of a revolution - There’s a whole history of vampire culture - Use in the goth
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