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Sofy Carayannopoulos

Course Schedule Date Required Readings Writing Skills Assignments Covered Due in Tutorial Week 1: Introduction to the Course Tips for Success in ENG 119A Sept. 12 Animal fables and Trickster Week 2: tales (readings from course Preparing for pack): class: Reading, Sept. 19 1) Aesop’s Fables Re-reading and 2) Ananse the Spider taking notes 3) Kipling’s The Jungle Book 4) Sedaris’s Squirrel Meets Chipmunk Week 3: Austen, Mansfield Park Taking useful in- class notes Sept. 26 Week 4: Austen, Mansfield Park Writing an in- class essay test Oct. 3 Week 5: No lecture because of No lecture Essay test Thanksgiving because of written in Oct. 10 tutorial Thanksgiving Week 6: Chopin, The Awakening Writing an essay Oct. 17 outline Week 7: Chopin, The Awakening Writing a strong Submit essay thesis statement outline in Oct. 24 tutorial Week 8: 1) Woolf, “Kew Integrating Gardens” (819 – textual evidence Oct. 31 824) Essay outline 2) Joyce, “Araby” (351 – in your essays returned to 355) you in tutorial 3) Ellison, “King of the Bingo Game” (228 – 235) Week 9: Achebe, Things Fall Apart Documentation and MLA format Nov. 7 Strengthening Essay due in Week 10: Achebe, Things Fall Apart your close tutorial reading skills Nov. 14 Week 11: King, Green Grass, Running Preparing for the Water final exam Nov. 21 Week 12: King, Green Grass, Running Writing the final Nov. 28 Water exam Lecture 2 Fiction: “Narrative writing drawn from the imagination rather than from history or fact. The term is most frequently associated with novels and short stories” (Harmon and Holman 212). “Any writing that relates imagined characters and occurrences rather than recounting real ones” (Murfin and Ray 164). Fable: -a brief tale told to point to a moral -often features animals: beast fables -beast fables often a satiric device to point out human follies Satire - a work or manner that blends a censorious attitude with humour and wit for improvising human institutions or humanity Bildungsroman – a novel that recounts the development (psychological and sometimes spiritual) of an individual from childhood to maturity, to the point at which the protagonist recognizes his or her place or role in the world Lecture 3 Novel: - a lengthy fictional prose narrative -its length permits authors to develop one or more characters, to establish their motivation and to construct intricate plots Mansfield Park – Volume Breakdowns • Volume 1: Begins with decision to bring Fanny to Mansfield Park and ends with Sir Thomas’ arrival from Antigua • Volume 2: Begins with Sir Thomas’ arrival and ends with Mr. Crawford’s proposal • Volume 3: Begins the morning after Mr. Crawford’s proposal and ends with Fanny’s marriage Lecture 4 October 3, 2011 Writing an In-Class Essay Test How to prepare: • Read and re-read the text • Go through lecture and tutorial notes • Look at important passages and scenes • List 10-12 important themes Next St
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