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Cindy Mc Mann

EN218 February 6 , 2013 Lecture 14 (13 is in notebook) Short Eyes – Miguel Pinero - Identity politics - Puerto Rican community in NY o Arts community and prison community o Puerto Ricans encouraged to take post-war jobs (which didn’t last long), but were underpaid o No adequate housing or access to meaningful jobs (underemployment and discrimination)  This created ghettos of Latin American citizens  Centralized frustrations about false American dream - Miguel Algaria o Puerto Ricans’ sense of statelessness (you don’t fit in anywhere really) o Newness – defining feature of poetry at this time. Emphasizes the adaptability of people who start as stateless and gain an identity - Young Lords o Very militant o Highly socialist and interested in grassroots democratic power for everyone o Included a feminist group o Power would move back into hands of people and individual people – this did not happen though o Education idealism – try and establish a system of education wherein young Puerto Rican people could be educated about their history and where they came from because of the lack of sense of historical identity and value - Nuyorican School o Drama, poetry, performance arts o Tal
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