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Wilfrid Laurier University
Cindy Mc Mann

January 11 , 2013 EN218 Lecture 3 The San Francisco Renaissance – Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Different than The Beats movement, which was marked by rebellion - SFR = greater sense of community o Radical experimentalism in terms of poetry and politics o Trying to keep poetry out of the academies and subversive - Early 1950s = small literary presses and magazines, literary circles to talk about poetry and poetics - Attempting to get poets out there and for people to read this poetry - U of Berkeley (Robert Duncan) – academic perspective of poetry and getting it known - Working in a network and working in a tradition - Lawrence Ferlinghetti o City Lights Bookshop – trying to get emerging writers published o Howl – obscenity. Trying to get innovative writing internationally known o Jazz – poetry written to be specifically accompanied by jazz - Ferlinghetti was interested in the crafting of poetry, probably because of his sense of working in a community - Interested in the oral nature of poetry – you speak poetry, it’s a form of communication, so he writes in vernacular - Uses a lot of rhetorical devices (assonance, consonance, rhymes, anaphora) - Importance of being between speaker and reader - He emphasizes himself in his poetry – how am I interacting with the world - Communication was also politics (very political writer…jabs at people and social institutions, also as a means for social/political transformation) - Poets receive information from the universe and their job is to tell everyone - Ferlinghetti’s idea of how social transfo
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