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Wilfrid Laurier University
Cindy Mc Mann

EN218 January 21 , 2013 - Ellison, Invisible Man o Individual identity/cultural identity o Requires an honest confrontation with reality (Ellison)  Reality is racist and subjective  Races shapes your conception of yourself o Confrontation with the ways race shapes reality and identity o Segregation /the internalization of racist values Segregation - Indolence – it’s too much work to go out and gain your freedom, so you just kind of stay where you are - Not morally or ethically responsible enough to govern their own lives - Racism is perpetuated in subtle ways - White America owns culture and therefore owns other people’s conceptions of their selves - Always looking at yourself through other people’s eyes, but this can always be overcome - Color veil is a barrier of communication - Double consciousness of African Americans can also be a good thing, because it makes them more able to fight racism o Understanding of the fact that there are always 2 Americas at work and they need to be negotiated in different ways - White Americans who are trying to fight racism don’t have this sense of having 2 worlds, which is bad - Why is not being racist, racist? o Suppression of racist
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