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Cindy Mc Mann

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EN218 January 18 , 2013 Lecture 6 Invisible Man – cont’d - Symbols o Negative o Incomplete – frustrated  Freedom papers that are found in the eviction trash  No cohesive meaning  Pg 36 – description of the college he went to, which doesn’t seem real - Epic o Male character with heroic aspirations and he goes through episodes and encounters while meeting others who promise the way forward o Structurally similar to the Odyssey Similarities Between Odyssey and Invisible Man - Trojan War (the Battle Royal) o Deception – the speech, the money on the rug, multiple levels of deception o Horse is brought in as honor, but honor is undermined here o Excessive violence, brutality, chaos o Poseidon = white male - Calypso’s Island (the college) o Luxury, Norton and Trueblood, the veterans  shipwreck o Difference: confluence of forces (Economic forces) - The Lotus-Eaters (Emers
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