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Irene Cheung

Winter’s Way By. Amy Lovell Winter, had never been one to reminisce on the past, but she found herself doing so that fine day, in autumn. She remembered just two years before how she met, her now current lover, She had been so flustered that day, she had gone to get some groceries, before she had to pick up Woozie , her pet pug, from the vet, she also had to go pick up Woozie`s prescription, She still felt just awful remembering the sickening crunch of bones and the squeal of the car tires, as her poor pet had been crushed under the Ford All wheel drive pickup truck. She had been quite lucky Doc Stevens was such a renouned vet, and she was his client. She was just on her way there now to pick up her beloved pet, whom was quite lucky to be alive, he suffered a broken hip and a few crushed ribs, but was now ready to come home. Winter rushed out of her car, not bothering to lock the doors or turn off the engine in her haste to reach her poor Woozie. Doc Stevens greeted her upon her entry into the facility. ``Well hullo there winter``, he drawled, ``poor Woozie here has been missing you something awful``. ``Well I`m mighty glad to hear that Doc, I`ve been going just crazy missing my little Woozie ``. Winter scooped up her lovey and headed back to the car. No way she was taking any more chances, when it came to Woozie. She buckelled him up in the middle seat in the back, since supposedly that was the safest. And proceeded to walk around to the front. She plunked herself in the front seat and was quite surprised to hear music playing softly, `` I know I didn`t leave that playing when I left``, she thought to herself. `` Well took ya bout long enough,! Next time you`de do well, to learn not to leave your car running! Heck, anybody, coulda climbed right in and stolen it! Good thing I was here protecting it ya see``. He said. Winter turned to him absolutely appalled! `` Well thank-you for that kind sir , but if you don`t mind I need to run some errands, and cannot have a complete stranger in my car.!`` `` Hahaha,`` he chuckled, `` Well to start the names Stohrm, so since we`re hardly strangers now, hows about grabbing a cup a joe? Winter chuckled to herself, that had really been a strange day, but had given her so much to be thankful for. She looked at the clock on the wall, Stohrm, was soon to be home and she had a surprise for him. She had to hurry if she wanted to be ready by the time he walked in the front door. Stohrm had, had a long and grueling day, at work and was looking forward to relaxing once he got home. He walked up the stoop to the door, unlocked it and stepped inside. It was strangely quiet, `` Winter????, You home??? `` he hollered. No answer. He walked down the hall and immediately stopped. Winter was leaning against the door frame to their bedroom. He took in her outfit slowly. She was wearing a teal coloured bra and barely there panties, with matching stockings. The lace of the bra allowed her pert nipples to be seen. She grinned at him, and beckoned him in a comehither motion with her finger. He moved over to her, feeling his cock harden as his eyes took in her mouth watering flesh. She hooks her fin
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