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Wilfrid Laurier University
Michele Kramer

EN310 notes from Friday Sept. 21  Sanders situation and gangs violence o Construction identity with gang members  Defined through situations/identities  Justify gang actions o Certain actions have certain meanings in certain contexts & meaning changes if context changes o Pg 37 in article  Gang culture mirrors dominant culture-carries some ideas of order, honour, respect, backing up someone/support  Mainstream values in a gang but seen differently from outside of the gangs  Kind of justice foxfire represents we value; women need support  marking on maddy-tattoo and her mothers black eye and both trying to hide it  way in which gang begins to internalize and rely on same hierarchy they were trying to escape  boundary between gang and non gang is blurred and ambivalent  distinction between front and character –from article o front hat seem like on outside o character-how some react when tested, true self comes out o stallybras and white-always public self shown to world and private self that are messy and true and don’t really show foxfire  high and low defined  mixture of boy/girl bodies- Legs between reality and fiction  Legs-priest is excommunicated o Best friend outside of gang o Pg 56 description of him-Bakhtin’s grotesque o Legs thinks he knows hell and has seen it  Ceremony o Carnival scene o Touching of bodies –blurring lines between friendship and romance/erotica o Blood-inside coming out o Whiskey- party atmosphere o Mixing sacred and profane-in oath-language mixture o Goldie makes joke about church o Official language in unofficial ceremony o Tattoo-laughing and giggling while it happening-carnivale o Body centered events o Pg 39- whiskey shot for maddy-up into brain and down into the groin-bakhtin bringing it down into the starta o Pg 40-tattoos-maddys turn sexual contact beyond the friendship  Buttinger-as high/official o Position as a teacher, adult, a male o Math teacher-reason and order o Connections to respect officialdom higher up professional o Language they use on the
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