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Wilfrid Laurier University
Michele Kramer

October 1/2012 Wrap up foxfire  Actually transgressive-symbolic inversion-gang o The victim-invert social norms-wimpy, buttinger, petshop owners, and hammonds (city)  Victimizers now the victims-shifted their way of thinking o Hooking and gender-overturning gender norms by johns becoming powerless in sexual relations o Legs=overturning social norms in gender  Climbing water tower  Private suberversions/personal revolutions o Dominant society retaining its power- victims still move on; police and justice system affiliate boy gangs and control gang  Finances, house, etc. Adulthood & finances o Hooking-law initially believed to be no; promiscuous cannot overcome Kellogg o Homestead-oldwick house-foxfires flame and wick but with finances and responsibility textual signal flame is dying  Classical name-windam  Ambivalent and carnival o At its most defined where everyone knows it, gang comes apart and disappears as does legs o Photograph of legs at end of novel  Nearly out of the frame-male? Female? o Pg 325-microscope magnify the tiny dots and magnify the spaces between them  Legs unnoticeable  Magnifying that less graspable o Legs undermining patriarchy since performs it so well and performance and absolute Truth o Closer she looks the bigger the gaps like her writing the truth o Maddys relationship to language  Connects her to authority-solid official historical  Pg 44-memory shaky so write the truth stays intact  Pg 166- record things as they truly were  Looks out of the text-speaks to writer and therefore a reader is created  Authoritative and official, slippery and ambivalent, transgressive writing  Is there an infallible narrator-is identity undone  What cant control in writing especially chronologic s  Things d
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