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Michele Kramer

Base theory: Bakhtin Reading: Introduction  Approached with way he lived and what he wanted to say about it  Under Stalin in Russia-oppressive society and was exiled to Siberia early in academic career and argued to be sent to Kazakhstan  Submitted doctoral thesis 1940 but not read/rated until early 1905s and buried/forgotten but then later found and translated  Ambivalence- simultaneous and contradictory feelings about something (positive & negative feelings that conflict with one another)  Marketplace-carnival against official ceremony  Focused on culture of marketplace in medieval times  Through this theory of cultural analysis  About carnival connected to church official feast, feudal and political and outside of the official feasts Official feasts Unofficial “carnival”  Spatially defined-church, courtroom  Open air-marketplace, town square  Monolithic, hegemonic  Hetergoenous  Monologic, monoglossic  Ambivalent, multiple  Stable  Dialogic, heterglossic- “billingsgate” pun  Unchanging  Change-death and life death and life..  Perennial, timeless (history, tradition, “becoming” time)  immortal  renewal  Eternal “truth”  Imcomplete  “dogma”  Equality  Ritual  Liberation from order  Pure  Laughter  Upholding norms/ideology/hierarchy  Parody  Patriarchy “the head” Head  hybrid   “madness”=positive   “maternal”=the “body” In marketplace  Doesn’t accept hierarchy and traps  Consecrated by tradition  Different by what and how celebrated  Carnival laughter-not in official ceremony “alien to official ceremony”  Completed different abstract view of the world  Ambivalent of revival, change, renewal  Celebrated with death and life, seasons (harvests) die and reborn in earth no chronological time which is embe
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