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Wilfrid Laurier University
Michele Kramer

October 26/12 The psychopath  Uber official and extreme of the official, what if is what is sick about them is officialdom or is the ambivalent space is the psychopath-could read it in both ways  Psychopath-difference between public and private persona and playing a role and entire life is a role, compartmentalizing from private rules and public o Maintain dichotomies or extreme one side vs. The other  Complicity o Cameron in control of everything-drug use, game, laptop, language, body o Closer gets to the killer-problematic and doesn’t have control and comes apart, disappearing/disintegrating o Blurring of Cameron’s identity is not a binary construction of self vs. other; it is coming closer and closer to being exactly like the killer ex finding them in the same place, the force of having to speak the different voices, etc. o Repressing of the memories-further bound to the killer o Complicity with Andy becomes more tangled with Andy with the dreams/memories- implicated as a killer o Cameron and Andy with erection-grotesque, lower body stratum and deemed societal with homosexuality and seeing of girls privates- “I’ve seen Clare’s”-carnival ambivalence  Following this is the rape scene with the cop  not ambivalent  involved in a murder  this scene is not I vs. Andy it is ‘we’-melding of Cameron and Andy o identity coinciding with the killer- ‘we’ narration-after Cameron knows who the killer is and knowledge comes through when being the ‘other’  afterwards becomes ‘good’ Cameron in ‘official world’-promotion handcuffed pg 263 to deputy  pg 266-not handcuffed  then cell opens and is given back clothes and belongings  however, he doesn’t feel in control anymore  travelling to the funeral pg. 241  with authorities-free, no
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