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ES101 Towards a sustainable future lecture 2

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Environmental Studies
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Robert Mc Leman

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Towards a sustainable future lecture 2 we no longer live in a sustainable society.  similar to the ancient civilization anasazi who had built an amazing community which ended up outgrowing itself and the land could no longer sustain its population. likely due to drought  easter island: (rapa nui) its famous for its 900 statues on the island. when the europeans arrived there were only 2000-3000 people on the island so the europeans didnt understand how they could build such great statues. however it is possible that 15000 people lived there, may have died out do to not being able to sustain themselves. the highland was once highly forested. their diet also changed from aquatic life to chickens and fruit maybe due to lack of recourses. there was a collaps from 15000 to 3000 people  mayan people also had a collapse, they over populated the land and it could no longer support the great numbers are we on our way to collapse?  our world is over populated and we are consuming numerous resources, and producing waste. similar to the easter island  however we are more sophisticated because we can alter the global scale biophysical processes (we alter temperatures of environment and oceans, also introduing new chemicals and creatures from one region to another "almost like god"  population may hit 9 billion people during our lifetime  typically the temperature of the earth oscillates with ice ages. the average global temperature is going up over the last 150 years. humans are responsible for the temperature change over this period  there is very little ozone over Antarctica, it is slowly spreading to the ozone to south America  alien species are able to be transported throughout the world either on purpose by humans or with the transport of planes and boats etc. key terms  environment: almost everything. it is especially affected by human activity  environmentalism: refer to social movement with aims of improving or protecting aspects of the environmen
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