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Wilfrid Laurier University
Environmental Studies
Robert Mc Leman

Environmental Studies Systems Thinking and the Double-Double Week One, Lecture Two Environmental Impact of double-double  Bleaching toxins from pulp making  Not processed by recycling programs Energy put into cups is extreme BUT Recently moved to buying softwood pulp from sustainability managed forests Therefore, Tim Horton’s cup is a Global Product!! Human Modification of the Atmosphere Week Two, Lecture One Mount Everest: highest elevation on Earth (8.85km above sea level) Wind blows at 250 km/h due jet stream, 1/3 concentration of oxygen per unit air as at sea level Temperature is virtually always below freezing (-75) Edmund Hillay 1919-2008  Beekeeper, climbed mountains as hobby  After 1953 dedicated to raising money for schools and hospitals in rural Nepal Composition of Atmosphere ~75% nitrogen ~5% argon ~20% oxygen Troposphere where we live and everything else on Earth precipitation occurs here temp. gets colder higher you get air borne pollution can travel up faster Stratosphere 15-50km above surface air is thin ozone here O3 Energy Balance  Passing through systems therefor, ecological systems  Radiation entering earth is balanced by exiting radiation Incoming= 342 w/m2 reflected: 107 absorbed: 67 absorbed by Earth 168  Absorption by gases in atmosphere (67), and Earth’s surface (168) is re-radiation to space 235 Important Factor for Discussing Climate Change i) radiated energy travels at various wavelengths ii) hotter energy, shorter the length iii) incoming radiation from the sun is extremely hot iv) Earth’s materials absorbs and re-radiate sun’s energy Why is ozone layer important? screen for the incoming radiation Ultra-Violet Radiation -little is good, too much damages DNA -if all UV emitted reached Earth few organisms would survive Stratospheric Process oxygen molecules encounter UV radiation tend to split into 2 0 at
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