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Environmental Studies
Robert Mc Leman

Environmental Studies Week 7, Lecture 2: Water Resources North America= expected to have own transportation, most is private and few alternative fuels w. gasoline, diesel, or used as an alternative Europe= not expected, expected to use public transport Ethanol Gasoline additive made from corn!!!! More expansive to produce than gasoline In Brazil 24% ethanol blends are a common fuel (sugar cane residue is used)  Makes no sense to grow corn specifically for gasoline Biodiesel Recycled vegetable oil is an ideal source material ROTHSAY, a Canadian company collects grease Does not modify the engine Electric Cars Tech. still in development Difficulties: batteries are expensive and not long-llived Not suitable for driving long distances, higher speeds Attractiveness: electrical power CAN be generated without producing CO2 emissions Hydrogen Cars Internal combustion engines could conceivably powered by hydrogen gas (H2) Only by-product is water, some traces of nitrogen ->Problem: where do you get the H2?? H2 is rarely found in nature Fuel Cells A technique where electricity is generate from chemical reactions involving hydrogen, currently used to power buses ! Importance of Conservation
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