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Lecture 4

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Environmental Studies
Rob Milne

Social-Ecological Systems Week 4, Lecture 2: Park Systems Continued Minimum Viable Population Continued *to design the best park, you want to design one for species to last in it forever- give them a 99% chance of survival in the park. Grizzlies in Yellowstone Variation in management strategies Realistically only 50 MVP Park System Design  Larger  Connected  Clustered  Diverse  Core habitat  Managed as system  Human integration Species at Risk= Mississauga Rattlesnake, trying to reintroduce the species in parks The development of a park should reflect the goals- want to reintroduce a species, do so in a natural area they used to exist in, goal is to protect species then need to work with animals in park but also the public. Double crested-Cormorants  not exactly most beautiful bird so public does not tend to care  Threatened by pesticides in 1960’s- severely reduced numbers- birth defects  Recovered substantially – now considered a ‘nuisance’  Impacts o Destroy vegetation o Eat sport fish o ‘messy’ bird (because nest in clusters) o Pollute water  Management of Cormorant o Reduce numbers- cull mixed reaction by public, o Egg oiling (~90000 eggs) o Nest destruction (~13000) o Harassment (kill the birds) o Protestor disrupted 2005 cull o Pesticides  caused birth defects, like twisted beaks causi
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