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Lecture 5

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Environmental Studies
Rob Milne

Social-Ecological Systems Week 5, Lecture 2 (Continued from Lecture 1)  Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)  Examples of degraded systems Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)  Role in citizen science—get them involved and recognizing how, collecting data, taking notes, meta-data base keeps records of WHO is keeping records on what subjects  Local communities; active participants in management  Innovative- inspire and guide management solution  Still very criticized  Often linked to agricultural and land systems  Year to year protection  Direct o Control Disease and insect threats o Minimize erosion o Ensure food availability  Indirect o Species diversity—sacred groves in India Sacred Groves- India  Patches of trees and natural vegetation  Protected by local communities- beliefs and rituals  Environmental Benefits o Conservation of biology o Recharge of aquifers o Soil Conservation **Because of the religious beliefs this area is protected, and is used for local rituals but it also helps the biodiversity in the area Threats The disappearance of traditional belief system is leading to a loss of these areas, being invaded by exotic species, livestock getting into the areas; people are cutting them down for fuel wood, urbanization and development increasing in area. Sanskritizations, the religion that uses these areas, are shifting away from nature to temple worship. TEK Limitations It works because it is at a local small scale. Technology can provide benefits that override TWK constraint. The constraints focus on a set of species, not overall biodiversity, the consequences are not always predictable. By focusing on the local it is easier to predict the change, and respond to it. TEK cannot override external impacts, changing hunting constraints do not compensate for environmental change. Wh
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