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Environmental Studies
Rob Milne

Socio-Ecological Systems Week 10, Lecture 1: Finished Movie ‘Drowned Out’ Sardar Sarovar Dam  Socio-ecological system  Create a system diagram identifying the main stakeholders and socio-environmental issues and relationships  Influence Diagram o Represents decision process o Recognizes uncertainty in consequences and outcomes of the decision The Dam Who are the main stakeholders involved on development of the Dam:  Villagers  Government Officials scientist/engineer (guiding with knowledge), administration  Police  Urban dwellers (need the water/energy provided from the dam)  Workers (employment)  International Body meant to be impartial for development of dam  Investors, could include private world bank, international investors  NBA/ NGO  Court  Farmers downstream water provided by the Dam will benefit them  International Public people distributing the film to educate the world , and increase public The Villagers The Government are making decisions that are affecting the villagers; creation of the dam, trying to relocate, or they could shut down waterparks and SAVE WATER! Villagers
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