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Wilfrid Laurier University
Environmental Studies
Rob Milne

Soc-Ecological Systems Week 12, Lecture 2: Review Exam Scheme Short Answers  3 marks, 5/7 15 marks ‘Mid-size’ Answers Make Connections AND use some diagrams  6 marks, 5/730 MARKS Exam Content  Week one/two o General systems concepts/relationships o System components- input/output o System processes- equilibrium o Resilience, persistence, cycling-Holling, disturbance (BUT DON’T FOCUS ON ESCARPMENT)  Week 6/7- Chapter 6 (sections 6-1 to 6-8) o Harvesting- perceptions; subsistence hunting; co-management o Common property; tragedy of the commons- pros and cons; joint management  Week 8/9 Chapter 7, 7.1-7.4 o Political ecology- is population the cause? o Deforestation- causes, feedback loops o Video- Drowned Out- issues with dam construction, impact on locals, different scales, interactions o Influence diagrams- what are they showing, relate to course material o Consider issues of scale, how systems vary at different scales o Socio characteristics  Stakeholders  History  Socio-economic characteristics  Social construct  Revisit question- does population cause environmental issues (I=PAT)  Week 10/11 Chapter 9: 9.1-9.7 o Ecological Economics o Assigning value to socio-ecological components o Sustainability- indicators- familiar with case studies o Global pattern of sustainability indicators o Indicators of Canadian/KW sustainability  Understand the diagrams presented with this  Textbook Material o Methods for assigning value- willingness to pay o Positive aspects of economic approach (should be familiar with this, and the challenges faced)! o Private land ownership o International policies- success/failures- reasons- familiar with case studies o Debt for nature- limitations, alternatives  Week 12- Chapter 10: 10.3-10.5 o Benefit sharing, sustainability o Environmental outreach, importance of education (get people immobilized in the community to encourage them to become environmental activists) o Ecotourism- pros/cons- impacts, enviro-soc and econ, systems- Galapagos; global Point form is okay, just be able to back it up! Ecotourism Recent concept- 1980s- promote rainforest preservation through tourism  Social and economic benefi
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