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Wilfrid Laurier University
Environmental Studies
David Morris

th March 14 Chapter 9 Summary: Islands Islands  The fact that islands are individual landmasses gives rise to special insular considerations that affect the development of ecotourism. o These include the presence of endemic species and distinctive ecosystems, isolation and the strong sense of place it fosters, proximity to coastal ecosystems and associated opportunities for marine ecotourism, and the prevalence of 3S tourism in tropical or subtropical settings Endemism and Ecosystem Distinctiveness  Species of flora and fauna are endemic to a specified area if they are found nowhere else in their natural setting. Endemism results from the genetic drift that occurs when an area is isolated for a long period of time from other areas of genetic input. o AKA ISOLATED = UNIQUE/ENDEMIC  This also means that greater care must be taken to avoid inappropriate modes of tourism activity Sense of Place  The geographical and ecological distinctiveness of islands contribute to a strong sense of place, as does a comparable process of cultural drift that has frequently given rise to unique and attractive human cultures and landscapes. o Sense of place contributes to the romanticisation of islands as fascinating and alluring destinations that offer exotic and escapist experiences  Ecotourism is advocated by many academics and governments as an activity that sustainably promotes an understanding of an islands sense o
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