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Environmental Studies
Denise Grafton

Wildlife Land People and ManagementChapter 1 Ch1 16 Ch2 719 Ch3 2031Wildlife implies all things that are living outside direct human control include plants and animals that are not cultivated or domesticated insects fungi frogs wild flowers doves deer trees birds and mammals receive the most attentionManagement the influence and application of human manipulation demands the use of judicious means to achieve specified objectivesWildlife Management the application of ecological knowledge to populations of vertebrate animals and their plant and animal associates in a manner that strikes a balance between the needs of people involves both knowledge about how to manage the number and consumptive habits of humans and also the careful tending of the biosphere deal with the scarcity of animals and overabundance of a particular species involves the intentional manipulation of some parts of ecosystems and natural communitiesBiosphere the environment that supports humans and the other animals who share out planetEcological Knowledge is applied in 3 basic management approaches 1 Preservation nature is allowed to take its course without human intervention 2 Direct Manipulation animal populations are trapped shot poisoned or stocked 3 Indirect Manipulation vegetation water or other key components of wildlife habitat are altered Wildlife management might better be termed wildlife conservation beca
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