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Class Notes for Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU)

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WLUES295David MorrisWinter

ES295 Lecture Notes - Ecotourism, Biome, Biogeography

OC1035265 Page
Ecotourism module 4 lecture notes: the island biome. We have examined the impacts that tourism and more specifically ecotourism can have on the environ
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WLUES295David MorrisWinter

Ecotourism Module 3 Notes_links (1).docx

OC1035269 Page
Yellow is contextual information, based on the related topic highlighted in green. Pink is representative of side notes nice to know information. Envir
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WLUES295David MorrisWinter

Module 3_Textbook Notes.docx

OC1035266 Page
Activities that directly cause negative impacts (3 categories = building, generation of wastes, and tourist activities. Impact of building and generati
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WLUES102Ali ZaidiWinter

ES102 - Environmental Problems 2014.pdf

Exxon valdez disaster: this tanker which carried oil hit a reed in prince william sound, Study notes: coastal waters: contain the spill to the immediat
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WLUES295David MorrisWinter

ES295 Lecture Notes - Ecotourism, Indirect Costs, Opportunity Cost

OC1035263 Page
Chapter 5: economic and sociocultural costs of ecotourism. The direct costs of ecotourism include: start-up expenses. Acquisition of land, establishmen
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WLUES101Robert Mc LemanFall

ES101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Substitute Good, Intergenerational Equity, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma

OC24634223 Page
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WLUES295David MorrisWinter

ES295 Lecture Notes - Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Native Hawaiians, Ecotourism

OC1035266 Page
Focus is on direct and indirect costs and benefits socioculturally. Ideally ecotourism should facilitate the wellbeing and satisfaction of visitors. Di
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WLUES295Rob MilneWinter

ES295 Lecture Notes - Gossling, Dune, Land Degradation

OC1328905 Page
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WLUES295David MorrisWinter

ES295 Lecture Notes - Dual Inheritance Theory, Ecotourism, Genetic Drift

OC1035262 Page
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WLUES102Edmund OkoreeWinter

ES102 Lecture Notes - Axial Tilt, Marine Ecosystem, Computer Program

OC1827913 Page
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WLUES290Kevin HannaFall

geo mer.docx

OC8090466 Page
Use the same paper the whole time. Reductionism: at odds with the idea of geography, we have become good at developing mass amounts of knowledge about
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WLUES101Edmund OkoreeSpring

ES101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Nutrient Cycle, Temperate Deciduous Forest, Polar Desert

OC6905882 Page
Broad patterns of ecosystems can be identified across earth s surface and reflect dominant vegetation cover and related animal populations. Different c
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