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Lecture 5

FS 101 Week 5

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Film Studies
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Katherine Spring

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January 4 , 2013 WEEK 5  SOUND Brief History of Sound Film  Silent Era (1895-1927) o Films shown in theatres were almost always shown with some form of sound (orchestra, organ, sound effects etc.) o Travelling lecturers o Technicians began experimenting with adding sound since 1895 o PROBLEM: matching the image of an actor’s lips moving to the sound of their dialogue  Transition to Sound (1927-1930) o Image and soundtracks were recorded separately and brought together? (look at cartoon on mls “lecture 5 sound” o VITAPHONE: connecting a reel f film to a phonograph record that had been made during the shooting of the production o HAD to have that projector to make sound films work  Sound Era (1930-Today) o Soundtrack ON the filmstrip o Dolby Analog, digital Dolby, SSDS o Now they can send to ALL theatres regardless of type of projector Soundtrack Components  Essential! Sound mixers edit so much (BUILT)  Dialogues o Externalize the thoughts and feelings of characters o Text: dialogue that Is written o Subtext: the implicit meaning of dialogue (we need to read in on it)  DO THE RIGHT THING: dialogue with Sal and Jade (friendly tone conveys that he likes her)  Annie Hall: for comic effect! Subtitles of what’s going on in their head o Direct Sound: sound recorded at same time as image o ADR: Automated dialogue replacement  Sound Effects o Fidelity: the degree to which a sound is appropriately matched to its apparent onscreen source (SOUNDS MATCHED TO SOURCE OF SOUND)  Music o Can establish setting  Touch of Evil: both American and Latin music to establish that it’s a border- town.  Leitmotif: a recurrent use of a musical phrase over the film  Wizard of Oz: “follow the yellow brick road” with DOROTHY Sound/Image Relationhip o Diegetic vs. NON-Diegetic Sounds  DIEGETIC SOUNDS: exist in the world of the story  Chewbacca  Onscreen/off-screen
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