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Lecture 3

FS 101 Week 3

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Film Studies
Katherine Spring

st January 21 , 2013 WEEK 3 th Midterm: Feb 11 CHC CONVENTIONS: unity of action Deadline : you have one hour to do this or else you die! (cause: deadline/effect:steps taken to meet this) The syuzhet (plot) omits the periods of the fabula (story) that are irrelevant to the chain of cause and effect Four Act Structures of The Killers Turning point LOOK ON MLS for the killers slide Elements of Style weeks 3-5 1. Mise-en-scene 2. Cinematography 3. Editing (Week 4) 4. Sound (Week 5) ::MISE-en-scene:: a. “Putting into to scene” b. ALL OBJECTS INFRONT OF CAMERA, RELATIONSHIPS B/W those things c. French theatre Setting: the physical place where the action takes place  Help us understand time/place and understand characters actions, forshadowing 1. Location a. The Hurt Locker: having to act in such hot/dru conditions in Jordan made actors seem more legit. b. Do the right thing: houses in NYC 2. Studio Set a. A Trip to the Moon: firstish set b. ULTIMATE CONTROL c. New York set in Universal Studios in LA 3. CGI (computer generated imagery) a. Avatar Human Figure Everything to do with characters and where they are placed/makeup/movement etc a) Staging a. The Killers: diner scene, out nick adams in foregroupd and killers in background (to forshadow/anticipate his action i. Diner scene ii. Kittly laying on bed: shows he’s interested in kitty b) Acting a. Realism? b. Brechtian distanciation fci 103-104 i. Direct address (look at the camera) ii. Corny? Distnaces us from thinking characters as causal agents Lighting c) Subtle ad powerful d) Guide attention, suspense, advance a natrritive/reveal narrative information to us e) QUALITY a. Hard lighting i. Clearly defined shadows ii. Sharp lines b. Soft lighting i. Illuminating everything ii. Look of diffusion f) DIRECTION a. The path of light from its source to the object lit b. Look in FCI g) CONTRAST a. Relative intensity b/w to kinds of light: key light and fill light b. Key likght(main source) c. Fill light(secondary) d. 3-Point lighting i. Key-provides main most intense source of illumination ii. Fill-fils in shadows iii. Back-distinguishes figure from background e. WHAT IS THE RATION BETWEEN KEY AND FILL? i. High key lighting 1. Low ratio=low contrast (musicals) ii. Low key lighting 1. High ratio = high contrast (film noir: The Killers) 2. Suspenseful moments (narrative) Composition  Arrangement of figures  Colour o Dons colour of costume has narrative function ::Cinematography:: “The art of cinematography is the art of lighting and making that light tell the story” – Stephen H burum  Writing in movement 1. Camerawork 2 domains a. Space-based
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