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Lecture 3

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Film Studies
Katherine Spring

Film Studies Week 3 Review CHC convention: unity of action - Cause: deadline - Effect: steps taken to meet deadline The syuzhet (plot) omits periods of the fabula (story) that are irrelevant to the chain of cause and effect 4 act structure in the killer 1) Setup/Exposition – Ole is murdered. Riordan begins insurance investigation. Turning Point: Riordan obtains permission to continue investigation for one day. GOAL/ENIGMA who killed Ole and why? 2) Complication Action – Riordan learns of Ole’s past and involvement with Colfax. Turning Point: hat factory heist is revealed. Boss allows Riordan to continue investigation 3) Development – Riordan discovers that Ole stole the money after the heist. Riordan sets trap for Dumdum, who escapes. Turning Point: Riordan figures out missing link: Kitty 4) Epilogue: interview with Kitty, final showdown Elements of Style Mise-en-scene and Cinematography Mise-en-scene: putting in the scene. Everything that is visible in the scene: props, costumes, actors etc. 4 categories: 1) Setting: physical environment where the action takes place – three kinds of setting a. Location b. Studio c. CGI 2) Human Figure – casting, type casting, acting style, figure placement, costumes, makeup a. Staging b. Acting - realism? i. Brechtian distanciation – wanted to remind his audiences that they were watching something that was constructed, not real. 3) Lighting a. Quality – hard (shadows) and soft b. Direction – the path of light from its source to the object lit c. Contrast – the relative intensity of key ligh
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