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Lecture 4

FS101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Bette Davis, Bankable Star, Veganism

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Film Studies
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Philippa Gates

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Film Studies
Lecture 4: Film Musical-!
Gender and Spectacle
Pre star system:
- stars are anonymous !
- first star was the “biorgraph” girl!
A.) The Star System (system by which classical HW studios created and managed stars,
emphasized idealistic personas over acting)!
Star Vehicles !
to promote and then cash in on a star !
- a film solely made to show off the talents of a specific performer !
- to promote a new performer or chain in on a bankable star ( a performer that attracts people!
B.) Star Persona!
a star persona is created from 3 factors:!
1.) the roles they play in films!
2.) the publicity the film receives !
3.) extra filmic exposure. i.e.: information about the stars personal life, what gym they go to, if
they're vegan, ect.!
Star Sells !
- consume tie ins !
- these were endorsements stars were invested in and would sell based on their movie
personas !
- ex; john wayne was ties in with mates selling toy guns and bullets !
Fan magazines!
- gossip, news, pictures, home life !
- 20 mags by late 1930s !
For example; !
- lauren becall's real name was betty joe. hollywood wanted her to create this sexy persona in
order to sell herself and get more people to come to her films !
- bette davis: studios controlled her look at first to be a sweet blonde woman but then in the
40s her look was transformed to be stronger and tougher !
- rita hayworth: when she first emerged she was playing many different ethnic roles and thats
what she was known for but in the 40’s she was transformed into the “all american woman” !
C.) Star Fit !
star person meets roles characters = fit !
- selective fit: film exploits certain traits associated with the star & ignored the others !
- perfect fit: the characters traits matches those of the stars (typecasting)!
- problematic fit: the stars image conflicts with the character!
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