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Lecture 3

FS103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Rita Hayworth, Bankable Star, Bette Davis

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Film Studies
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Philippa Gates

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FS 101- Star, Gender, Musical
The Star System
9s -96s
Studio Control, Star vehicles
The B. Star Persona
Consumer tie-ins
Selective, Problematic, Perfect
Typecasting, Off-casting, Miscasting
Pre Star System
Fist sta as The Biogaph Gil outed i 99 – Florence Lawrence)
Stars are anonymous, company more important
Star System
System by which Classical HW studios created and managed stars
Emphasized idealistic personas over acting
Star studio-owned under contract, modeled and publicized
Fan Magazines
Gossip, news, Pictures, Home Life
 ags  late 9s i # ,-1m)
o Like Photoplay (1911-80) A fan magazine that promoted but also capitalized stars
Studio Controlled
Bette Davis
Shift in image
Fo Blode ouette 9s to a ofotatioal as a a 9s
Rita Hayworth
From Ethnic to all American
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