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James Hamilton

GG 101 Week 8 lecture 1 3) Climate Classification  Classification is normally done on the basis of temperature and or moisture (precipitation) o strong impact on vegetation, soils, hydrology, etc (logical way to assess climate patterns) Analyzing Global Precipitation  Wet Equatorial Belt o Influenced by warmer air masses, high humidity values associated with them o Maritime situation: equatorial maritime air masses o Affected by ITCZ  Trade Wind Coasts o Latitudes in the tropics o Where wind blows onshore in a consistent way it causes humidity/precipitation  Tropical Wet-Dry (Monsoons and Savanna) o Wet and dry season due to trough of the pressure o When far moved from the sights, have high air pressure conditions, clear skies, less precipitation  Tropical Deserts o Largest deserts in the world are in subtropics o Lots of high air pressure in subtropics - descending columns of air  Mid Latitude Deserts (Steppe)  Moist Subtropical (humid subtropics) o high air pressure called Bermuda High  Mid Latitude West Coast (marine) o warm/mild air masses coming in from westerlies and expanding onto mountain areas  Arctic and Polar Deserts o Little precipitation because of high air pressure o Cold air masses Classification System (know major breakdowns,1st level of detail, read textbook) Tropical Climates
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