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James Hamilton

GG101 Week 10 Lecture 2 Geomorphology  study of landforms and landscapes and the processes that are responsible for their development Scale of Inquiry  Spatial  Temporal 2 main types of processes 1) Endogenic Processes  internal earth processes  deepseated (not hydrologic cycles, etc)  volcanism, seismic activity, mountain building  energy source comes from radioactive isotopes  these processes can be described by the model of plate tectonics  energy source is geothermal heat (radioactive decay of certain isotopes generates the heat)  Fig 11.2 a - c 2) Exogenic Processes  on the surface of the earth  energy source comes from the sun (solar radiation)  weathering, mass wasting, Weathering  set of processes that act to break down materials at the surface and in the shallow subsurface  Weathering Processes o Physical  mechanically break materials apart mainly through expansion and contraction  Freeze Thaw (frost action) o water in pores and fissures in bedrock rapidly freezes and expands  exerts pressure (stress) on surrounding rock causing the rock to fracture o What type of environment?  won't work in warm/dry climate  Salt Crystal Growth o saline water in pores and fissures evaporates  salts crystals develop in pores  crystals expand (as they absorb water or are heated) o What type of environment?
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