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Human Geography Lecture Week 2 QGIS freeware GIS- essentially involves multiple layers of data, the overlay of the data in combination helps to solve the problems two generic types of data- raster data and vector data, Raster can be thought of as pixels , i.e camera Vector-rep. by points, lines and polygons raster is useful for inputting the information into a numerical representation GIS is primarily used by businesses to track certain cx bases, other companies also use GIS to track for example crime rates, hot spots, temperature, concentration zones, disaster analysis. while using GIS buffering is used to track observational data our world is divided, especially because of spatial variations in culture. The world we live in today is one of tremendous cultural diversity, but it is also one of increasing interaction between cultures the cultural differences of a demographic area is a geographic trait Culture- beliefs and norms, the day to day distinctive activities that formulate a cultural perspective about a group in society (process of making and maintaining a set belief or goals or language or etc.) Geography - space and place, cultural geography- space and place interactive and the impact a
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