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Wilfrid Laurier University
Michael Imort

GG102 – Week 8 Demographic Transition Model Stage 1: high birth and death rates Stage 2: high birth rate, declining death rate Stage 3: declining birth and death rates Stage 4: low birth and death rates There are several problems with applying the DTM to Developing Countries today: 1) based on European experience Discourse analysis… ‘how the world should work’ 2) treats all cultures the same 3) ‘forgets’ about rapid industrialization (based partly on colonial exploitation!) 4) ‘forgets’ about massive emigration Recap: We’ve been talking/reading about: - measures of fertility, morality, etc. - government policies on population - ecological limits to population growth - age structures and sex ratios - impacts of war, famine, disease - migration Globalized Food and Water New Reality: a globalized food market - food and (virtual water) are traded globally - paradox: - but we don’t seem to be able to end hunger - the more processed our diet is, the cheaper it is (in relative terms) How are food and water becoming globalized? (Mechnanisms) - Trade of virtual water - Global supply chain - Biological exchange - Biological simplification - Diet changes - Land grabs Factors driving globalization of food and water - Population growth - Increase in food prices - Oil price - Speculation - Geopolitics (food security, land grabs) Impact of global shift to Western Diet on Water - Rising middle class in China and India - 300 million people will join global middle class over the next decade - Western diet of 3000 kcal, including 20% animal-based protein - would require more water than exists on earth Precision Agriculture - GPS guides autonomous harvester on permanent tracks (3/27, 2cm) - meas
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