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Robert Sharpe

Cartography Week 13, Lecture 1: Course Review In general, we have approached cartography as broadly based discipline involved in all stages of making and using maps. This course concentrated on the fundamentals, and computer-assisted cartography. In Lectures… Explored wide range of general ideas about maps, including their purposes and historical evolution’ Studied some of the science of geographic information And learned many specific techniques for thematic mapping  Map is efficient means of storing information  Maps can enable map users to do three basic functions: NAVIGATION, MEASUREMENT, VISUALIZATION  Map can quickly summarized explain a spatial pattern and its spatial relationship  Maps can be useful sources of data and can give a historical perspective  Maps can also be used to solve complex problems Maps reflect “World-Views” or perceptions of the world held by a vast range of different peoples and societies going back thousands of years History of mapping is marked by influences of key map makers, and maps (Ptolemy, Idrisis, Mercator, Cassini, Robinson, Peters, Mappa Mundi, Portolan Charts) Traditionally CARTOGRAPHIC COMMUNICATION involves two transformation of information  First in which cartographer conceptualises the basic spatial forms, and encodes the ideas into graphics  Second, user reads or decodes the map Recently, this has changed with GIS, satellite navigation systems, and Internet mapping in which users are able to generate their own maps (UGM) But Powerful tools for SPATIAL VISUALIZATION Properties of geographic information  Scale  Geo-referencing systems o Nonmetric: place names, postal codes
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