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David R Lewis

GG270 – E-Portfolio Experienced (reading notes and textbook notes) Week 6 – Rethinking cultural geography III : Social and Cultural Geography -cultural questions have begun to take over since the 70’s and changed the way research is done -looking back through history might help us understand the way the future will unfold -social geography and cultural geography have done a switch of relevance in recent years - race and feminism have been analyzed form several different views over the past few years initially by political and economic views then later by cultural deconstruction - people with cultural knowledge backgrounds know hold a very larger role in society analyzing different aspects of culture, fashion, architecture ad development -as well individual identity and globalization are looked as my academic personas to better understand how they have evolved over the years - academic concepts are transferred more often into popular culture even though they are often no understood by the mass public - unfortunately cultural studies Is just filling a void instead of challenging global studies or creating new solutions - “There is no such thing as culture” Don Mitchell - a repercussion of the critical politically informed social science is more evident in the USA then the UL - new people interviewing for jobs are likely to see conservatism from older department member who don’t know the difference between newer terms such as Marxist and feminist - Don Mitchells rejects the position of culture representing meanings and instead says we should treat culture as the outgrowth of social relations - human geography has downgraded the importance of field work and has started to just peruse for empirical research for representations - empirical research often shows us a more sensitive side of a geographical scale - internationalism is not such a radical idea in this era anymore and the connections between different places aren’t focused on by corporations anymore - rapprochement : an establishment or resumption of harmonious relations This article made me think of the popular movie “A beautiful mind” and how it discusses game theory a little known economic concept. Even though this is an international hit it is based on a concept that could be used to educate the public instead of just to entertain them. Social fields should be used to help evolve culture globally whenever Medieval European World Maps as World Views These notes are uploaded as a separate file as they are directly from my learning space but below I put my reflection on the lecture and movie on mapping. I loved getting a chance to look at all the older pictures of various maps and try to decode the symbolism behind them. I used to find maps to technical and precise for my liking but after getting a chance to see so many different models I have a better understanding of them. I did some more research of my own and looked at the less conventional maps that don’t show the traditional view of the world but focus on some other aspect. These maps are really interesting because they are able to tie in multiple concepts into one easy to read image. This particular map ( map.aspx#/map/population) is interactive and allows you to look at the current population of each region as well as the estimate for the future. Just by immediately glancing at the map you can analyze it by using the legend to compare colours and population size in millions per each region. Week 8 – Cartography – cultures mapping : power in practiae - cartographers now use words to show the virtues of mapping as visuals - the foolscap map is looked at as an object to be valued and explained and has been reproduced in other forms, it was first seen in the 1950s and translates to “know they self” and was out into a jester head in 1998 - the image it self shows the mixing of a map and a mind and how they combine and pokes fun authority showing the all knowing - “geography in the street is still about maps and places” - May stand as a metaphor for mapping itself that is an argued part of visual culture but not often used - Lately people ignore maps in visual culture and instead talk about advertisements, photography, films, museums and pictorial representations - A lot of human geographers see maps as techniques not central to geographic practises and this is proven by them being only used to support evidential theory - GIS tools have allowed significant advances in creation of data displays - Evidence of mapping is often harder to find or to look into This reading is fairly long and wordy so I found it harder for me to take concise notes on it. I didn’t have much of a problem understanding the main concepts from it because I have discussed maps in prior courses but it did bring up some new interesting points. I found myself having issues referring to all the different people and thoughts that paper kept jumping back to. Since I’m not a geography major I always feel like I am a step behind and have to look up more definitions to catch up on course materials. One point I can relate to is how people now longer really thinks about maps as part of visual media since they have a stigma of being “outdated”. I used this article ( to help me get a broader background on the map and found it fairly entertaining to read. Week 9 – Political Geography debates number 3 - The eastern hemisphere was developing evenly before 1492 - Europe had no advantage over Africa and Asia - The rise of Europe began after 1492 and was because of the amount of capital they acquired - Colonialism explains the unique development of Europe and capitalism - Europeans arriving in America was a significant event to both countries - 1492 inaugurated a new set of historical processes - In the 16 and 17 century the exploration was a lot deeper and produced more capital - Diffusion is very complex - Mid 19 century it became clear and part of the changing ideology of evolving capital - Europe invests others imitate Europe advances then others follow - Europe has one other characteristic savagery that helped it grow - Anderson and Brenner non-Marxist theories - Commercial farming began to develop in southern Europe This week I was out of town and missed lecture so had to teach myself the content which was tricky. Week 10- South Asian Diaspora, Always let the road decide - dubai is a city of cultural hybridity of British colonial and present day -The dis
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