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TA lecture - Talking about the recent rape cases in the U.S and India - Women are not understood as equals and the idea that males are better than females - You are mistaken if you think patriarchy does not exist in Canada - Males will always be at the top and get the better jobs and political seats etcetera - In Indian history a women was not given the seat of defence minister due to a stereotype - Rape culture is rampant around the world, people make excuses and condone this behaviour - Showing a level of power over the other person - In 2009 where a York student was raped and it was a gang member who did it as in initiation - New delhi gang rape which lasted for an hour and a half on a moving bus - Police came late and there was a huge uproar in India where people from all walks of life - One of the murders has committed suicide in the jail after being committed to a sentence - Happened in one of the more affluent areas in Delhi - On social media the word spread very quickly to all walks off life - Incredibly “rapable” India was a play on a recent tourism campaign - Water cannons had to be used to help calm down a protest - “this only happened because of western culture such as MTV, this would only happen in India not in ___ “ Indian nationalist - Called women protesters people who invite guys out and drink at night (very sexist) - “only bad girls get raped” police commissioner - “if the women who was being raped was do say please brother don’t do this she would have been saved “ “nobody can ever clap with one hand (she wanted to get raped) “
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