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Lecture 5

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David R Lewis

Sarah Neeb Lecture 5- Nature Culture - There are theological beliefs that understood the idea of nature being made for humans - Sense that humans have domain over the world and everything was made for us we are at the apex of the world. Strong belief in the human supremacy through nature - The approaches started to challenge this theological thought - This was a challenge to understand the dominance of the theological belief and what the humans place was in this world - The sense that nature is powerful and that nature evokes power and wonder. This was expressed through art and literature, focus on nature as sublime - There is recognition of human beings not being in control ( Niagra Falls). Humans cannot control the power that comes from the Falls - We need to recognize the scale of change that is occurring due to humans activities. There are a body of scholars who argue that we live now in a geological age that has been turned to the anthropocene. - Humans are living in this era where human impact has such an impact on the environment that we actually are ruining it. For example, all the waste that goes into our waters , they get brok
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