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Lecture 1

GG270 Lecture 1: GG270 LEC 1

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Margaret Walton- Roberts

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GG270 LEC 1 Starting pointsThe Old Cultural Geography: Carl Sauer and the Berkeley School The cultural landscape is fashioned from a natural landscape by a culture group. Culture is the agent, the natural area is the medium, the cultural landscape is the result. (Sauer, 1925 The morphology of landscape.) Culture Landscape Cultural ecology links between a cultural group and their natural environment Cultural archaeology Cultural ecology of previous eras Environmental history related field, which focuses on the human impact on the natural environment over time Sauers influence Importance of fieldwork Critical of the use of secondary sources Less theoretical contemplation Seen as a heroic figure, celebrated uncritically. Critical assessment from Duncan in 1980 came a shock to many. Criticism of the Berkeley tradition: The superorganic notion of culture Culture as external to individual The internalization of culture The homogeneity assumption Habituation: Mechanism for the internalization of culture The Emergence of a New Cultural Geography Duncans criticism of Sauerian cultural geography Emergence of humanistic geography rather than human environment Post Positivism Post Structuralism Influences from other branches of the humanities The Cultural Turn in Geography The convergence of the intellectual processes of the 1980s: Post Positivism, Post Structuralism, Post modern deconstruction Generally referred to as the cultural turn, focus on how power infiltrates social processes through difference: race, gender, sexuality as well as class
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