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Michael English

Hydrosphere & Atmosphere 18 November 2013 REMEMBER, GET MARKED FOR GOING TO TUTORIALS THIS WEEK AND NEXT!! Computation for Coriolis, we need a common unit of measurement at all latitudes  the circumference of any arc radius can be expressed in radians Control on position of polar jet stream  Temperatures, comparing North America and Atlantic Ocean when moving west to east see land longitude is colder during winter opposed to ocean during winter. It represents the tropopause  Can predict which have a higher aptitude in the season  Summer time, exchange of energy between high and low latitudes are different than winter  Position of Polar Jet Stream over North America and Atlantic Ocean in Winter (Horizontal Shear: creates significant clockwise movement of air)  Interaction between polar air and subtropics air include: pressure gradients, and second have to do with an interaction northeasterlies, and westerlies air o Causing disturbance along the border, colder air moving opposite of warmer air creating horizontal stress TWO DRIVERS: Latitudinal pressure gradients, Cyclogenisis  Meridional flow, vortex of wind being created by rotation of cold and warm air creating high pressure systems in north and low in south, reason why exchange of power systems o Good process f
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