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Barbara Carmichael

October 25, 2013 GG294 1) Tourism development (wanting to expand tourism) Developed country like to take control over developing countries for example the movie we watched Contact influences people’s attitudes (for example the picture of the man who get paid for tourists seeing his trailer home; he is not happy with it but has to do it for money) Real exchange of ideas: discussion of things (job career, culture, general communication with others to know more about them) 1) Indirect support zone 2) Direct support zone 3) Core attractions and visitor facilities 4) Multiplier effect Indirect support zone Direct support zone Core attraction and visitor facility Multipler effect Social and cultural impact model (find diagram in text) Basic human rights (find diagram in text) •initial phase of development, visitors and investment welcome, little planning or control mechanism eurporia •visitors taken for granted, contacts between residents and outsiders more formal commercial planning concerned mostly with marketing apathy •saturation points approached, residents have misgivings about tourist industry, policy matters attempt solutions via increasing infrastructure rather than limiting growth antagonism •irratations openly expressed, visitors seen as cause of all problems, planning now remedial but promotion increased to offset deteriotating reputation of destination antagonism Active left to passive right Aggressive promotion of Silent acceptance of something something favored favoured Positive (top) to negative (bottom) Aggressesive opposition to No signal acceptance of something disliked (does something disliked graffit or vandalization) Movie question 1) What are the local’s opinions of tourism development? 2) Is tourism a new kind of sugar here? (what ways) 3) Do locals have a voice in changes occurring around them? Why or why not? What are the changes? 4) Why are hospitality jobs not popular to the locals? Take tourism of marketing course for third years Antigua The Caribbean Movie  Small Caribbean island  A paradise with beach and hotness all year long  Jobs and vacation place  Damage to economy and culture and land itself  Sugar = main industry for the island o Back in the days was British colony o Slaves were brought to do the job o Worked, lived dyed in bad conditions o Treated worst then when they were slaves o 1981 Antigua joined another country to make it as one while sugar industry died o Lacks
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