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Wilfrid Laurier University
Barbara Carmichael

GG294 November 08 2013 Social and Cultural impacts Commoditisation is known to be authentic Tourist perception of the scene Nature of the scene Real staged real authentic Denial of authenticity staged Staged authenticity Continued space (covert space) “overt” Impact of tourism in Majorca Spain Who are the stakeholders? What do they think about tourism? Majorca has given millions of people cheap holidays and brought prosperity for Majorcans — but at a cost. There is heavy hotel development on the coast and there are outsiders buying second homes inland. There's too much traffic and not enough water. Farming has declined, leaving people dependent on tourism. Traditional culture is disappearing. The authorities have pulled down ugly old hotels and are promoting “sustainable tourism”. Majorca – beach, beer, sex , weather is more guaranteed In the summer it is impossible to drive past because there are too many people -visitors bring jobs and money -problem = too much concrete -not considering the environment and the resources available -second residence tourist -beach is in danger because there has a lot of people going -too much cars = pollution -cheap car rentals -too many tourist = too much waste -10-15 percent of waste increase -shortage of water, water had to be shipped from mainland -tourist never think about the environment when they are on holiday - Tourists who come to say -tourists buy second homes here where demand for new houses -250 000 plan to buy houses here -property price increase
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