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GG101 Lecture Notes - Eugenius Warming, Nimbostratus Cloud, Cool Air

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- Surface windectors. (Midterm)
- if the isobars are very closely spaced this means that the expectation of the
wind velocity is very strong and the pressure is higher.
- Circulation goes into the low and then into a counter clockwise rising.
- Why are wave cyclones so important
o This is a associated with the passage of these kinds of systems.
- Review major steps in text
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Cyclogensis: the air starts to rotate in a CCwise rotation
- this causes the warm air to push into the cold and the cold air to push into
the warm.
Open Stage: this is where there are well developed cold and warm masts
- blue lines is the isobars
- black triangles is warm air
- half moons are the cold air
- red aarows shows movement of air.
- Because the cool air rises and moves faster than the warm front.
o The means that the cold air mas is pushing the warm air mass faster
than the warm can push the cold
Occulded Stage:
- this is when the cold air mass catches up to the warm air mass and it pushes
the warm air off the surface
- tend to get more of a mixed cloud, either a nimbostratus or culustratus
Global Climate
- The difference between weather and climate.
- Weather is the day to day fluctuations
- Climate is more or less the statistics or the characteristic of that area or
o What is the average temperature for that month etc.
o Average is calculated over a 30 year period
o This then determines the average or the normal conditions.