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Lecture 7

GG250 Lecture 7: GESC291 Reading Review 7

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Marinel Mandres

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Haya Ashai
 October 23rd, 2017
   A Profile of Women's Work Participation Among the Urban Poor of Dhaka
This article talks about women labour in the city of Dhaka and how majority of women take on
jobs in the garment industry. Those who take on these jobs normally don't come from the poorest
of households. This article specifies the circumstances that allow these women to enter the
workforce, the role they play with supporting their households (one earner/ family is very
common), and lastly the environment they’re supposed to work in. The issue with this is that
they need to alter each workplace to fit the needs and standards so that they are able to work
From this article, what caught my eye was when I read about the average peak for when
males and females start to work. For males, 10-14 years is when the employment rises but for
females it was between ages 10-14 years and 15-19 years but then decreased at ages 20-24 years.
It was shocking to me to read this because where we live, we don't even consider getting a job
until we’re in our teens. For me specifically, I didn’t get my first job until age 17 so I can’t even
imagine the struggle and labour it takes to work the jobs that are available to them.
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