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Geography- Canada

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Marinel Mandres

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Monday, September 12, 2011
Lecture 1 - September 12, 2011
Canada¶s Regions: Concepts And Themes
1) detailed description
2) Interpretation: of distribution / spatial patterns associated with distinct
future (characteristics)
3) Interrelationships: examining connections that exist with the
regional approach ë a general geography dealing systematically with climate
throughout the world.
Topical approach ë a regional geography
aan area of earths surface differentiated by one or more features
which provide it with internal unity and distinguish it from surrounding
*region can be defend on different geographic scales
* could be based on physical geography (rocky mountains, Canadian shields)
* Political boundaries (Ontario as a region for boarders as a province) Legal
* perception (Cottage Country / Maritimes)
1st Mega region ± very large sized, applied at the global scale, groups of
ex. Latin America
2nd Meso region ± medium sized, national scale, involves only parts of a
ex. Great lakes

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3rd Micro regions ± small sized, global scale, involves parts of a region / city
ex. Southern Ontario, GTA
1) all regions have location: by having a location all regions occupy a
particular part of the earths surface.
2) All regions have area
3) All regions have boundaries: every space has a limit
4) All regions occupy a position within a heigheracrchy.
1) all regions have a core
Oaarea in which the distinguishing feature is clearly manifested and has
the greatest intensity
aaarea outside of the core in which the
distinguishing feature is still dominant, but less intense than the core.
aaarea in which tends to have an increased intermingling and
extraneous features.
rormal regions:
- an areas differentiated by the essential homogeneity (uniformity or
similarity) of the distinguishing features.
- every aspect is measureable ex. rashions
- has to do with
- formal region considered to be the best one that we can use bc it
occupies a large area, and since its all or nothing situation so you know you
can make generalizations.
- over time these regions are fairly stable and don¶t change very much
- boundaries are unchanged over very large periods of time

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Wednesday, September 14th 2011
r: an area differentiated by linkages (intensive
interactions/flows) among its heterogeneous yet interdependent features
which contribute to the activity within it. (within a region there must be a
focal point)
- runctional regions tend to be stable, however, they can also be described
or seen as dynamic.
City region: Large metropolitan city
an area differentiated by arbitrary administrative or
jurisdictional boundaries (i.e. legal entities such as municipalities, countries,
and provinces)(exists within the Canadian landscape).
pcThey are a product of legislative political amalgamation (idea of
regional government)
pcExample the new mega city of Toronto.
åaaaaaan area differentiated by
the subjective perceptions of its inhabitants.
pcDistinctive feature is identity or affiliation. People easy identify this
pcPeople who live within in this region they develop a sense of place.
This sense of place is based on shared experiences. Ex/ shared
cultural experiences, shared historical experiences, shared
economic experiences.
pcåery fluid and contested. Their boundaries frequently change
pcThey are socially constructed
pcAre vernacular regions real or are they imagined?
@aaaA model of the economic systems spatial structure
in which peripheral areas arr defined with respect ot their dependence of a
dominating developed core.
Two parts of the Core
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