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The Meaning of Modernity

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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews November 17, 2011 The Meaning of Modernity  Modernity is based in the study of philosophy. How is modernity related on the war on terror?  What have been the consequences of 9/11 and the war on terror? How has it changed/ informed your perspective on global politics?  Racism became a much more engaged topic by people after 9/11. Question of racial profiling started to happen and many people were victims to it. At the same time there were massive changes to immigration policies.  Some say we have even traded freedom for our security of possibly preventing another 9/11.  How we perceive violence started to be become questioned. We have to as a society think about state violence; the authority the government has to start wars in other areas.  Do you agree that 9/11 created an imagined enemy? Or is it a real enemy?  Have we nought into a constructed view of terror? In fact, is it possible, that Terror is very much an old idea that has its roots in the West?  “Spectacular Death”-How many days/ hours after the event is quite astounding.  All this says something about modern media. The creation of images is something that we should think about when we think about the creation of fear. Not only do they make us think about things but also makes us feel certain way which leaves residence from the pictures. What does seeing the images of 9/11 do to you?  Bin Laden & Al-Qaeda: denied very quickly to the responsibility of 9/11, but later accepted.  Bin Laden founded Al-Qaeda: and he came from an incredibly rich family in the billions.  In many pictures, bin Laden is sketched out to be the bad guy  There is no universal definition of terrorism.  But terrorism involved violence against civilians and non-combatants for political or social means.  The use of terror by revolutionary movements is very modern concept.  Al-Qaeda is a thoroughly modern distortion of Islamic ethics of war.  Nothing in the Karan justifies what Al-Qaeda has done.  The creation of al-Qaeda and the ensuing war on terror is a lingering effect of the Cold War. \  John Gray- Al-Qaeda and what it means to be modern.  Gray argues that the war on terrorism is no different than the wars on history that were based on myth- based politics.  He questions what is „modern‟.  Posit
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