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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews October 18, 2011 The global food Crisis  Village of 100- “If the world were a village of 100 people”- We have been focusing on how we, in the “West” perceive globalization, what about the poorest countries.  What is our responsibility to other places in the world, and to what degree should we be involved in dealing with it?  Look up village of 100. (This piece really shows how elite we are).  The problem with food- If we have enough food and technology to produce enough food, why re people still hungry?  We generally do not have a good relationship with food. As eater we very rarely as ourselves these questions- where does the food come from, how is it made, who makes it, how is it made?  Increasing food prices  Unstable and unsustainable food production.  Should food be just another business, or should it be something more than just a commodity?  Palm oil is being used instead of fat in a lot of places, but is displacing some forests.  How do we know how the workers are treated and how far the food had to travel to get to us.  Food commentators: Meat’s too expensive (Brazier), Year of Living Dangerously (Swift), Diet f
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