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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews September 15, 2011 Scholarly Focus Lecture  What does globalization mean? The fact that we consume certain things that have a major impact; this is a great sign of globalization, showing strong interconnectedness. New types of ethical and collective (together) problems that we have to solve. What is the notion of global order and the role that technology has? However globalization has to be declared by the idea of progress. Part of the question has to be whether or not globalization means a key part of modernization. But does modernization mean westernization? If progress may be interpreted as something that can be questioned, can we question if globalization itself is a good thing or bad thing.  How did the notion of a global order emerge? Ronald Regan was a key figure in the time of the cold war and was a crucial time in solving super powers. In 1989, it was the end of the cold war, leading people to believe that we are all as one. However, maybe this sense of unity comes from the environmental crisis that our world faces. An issue that we must work together to solve such as the holes in the o zone that effect everyone in the world. With rising water levels for instance, what are animals like polar bears going to do when they don’t have an environment to live in. Perhaps, it is the consciousness that we all know about the environmental issues that hold us all together.  Perhaps it is new information and technology that is pulling us together as if the internet is like a never ending conversation or universe because it is always expanding and never stopping. However the result o
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