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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews September 27, 2011 Political Economy II  The relationship between the nation state and politics: What is a nation state?  Sovereignty- Very connected to a feeling of belonging to a particular and almost sacred place (control over space)  Territoriality- You cannot have a nation space without control and space. (human emotional necessity)  Self-Identification- People within that nation state call themselves as part of that state  Belonging- Who belongs within the nation state  Treaty of Westphalia (1648): A peace treaty that was signed by some very diverse groups in Europe. People who are like minded could come together within their own territory. (The modern nation state).  The demise of the nation state: Many professionals suggesting that this era is over (the end of the nation state).  Before the nation state there was a sense of empires, where people of different cultures and religions came together to form a bigger group.  The nation state has been used to enhance the economic and cultural life of a nation. E.g. the school is a tool of the state to introduce the ideas wanted to be portrayed.  Transportation is an important piece for the idea of the nation state. One of Macdonald’s promises was to build a train that could travel from East to West in order to keep everyone together. Here to try and create a national culture.  Benedict Anderson wrote a book in 1983 called “Imagined Communities” which caused a big splash in the professional community. What he is saying is that there really is no nation state, but rather an imagined thing and the only reason that we believe these things are because we were told so. The nation is an invented narrative and an imagined story. He believed they were caused by print capitalism (which is the imagination created by news, advertisement, etc.)  Cosmopolitanism: Immanuel Kant contributed to this idea of the human race in general and that we are
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