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Wilfrid Laurier University
Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews November 1, 2011 Look at the “I”  Are these pieces of technology actually changing culture (iPhone, iTunes, iPods, iClicker)  What does the “I” mean (maybe identity).  To what extent do language to language and media shape global culture?  How similar are we globally? Language, communication, clothes, popular music/ culture/ food, secular worlds/ morals/ values.  What does universal mean anyways? “extended to, or affecting the entire world or all within the world.  The cultural dimensions of globalization:  Steger in chapter 5-exploding cultural interconnectedness and interdependencies with the use of technology- images and the idea spread faster and wider.  Three important themes: tension between sameness and difference, role of transnational media in pop culture, globalization of languages. Is language the most important part of culture? If you lose the ability to use you language, do you lose you culture.  Media- in 2006, 8 conglomerates owned 2/3 of communication industry revenue. It is an oligopoly (ruled by few people)  Barber calls it “infotainment telesector”- very well know commentator for globalization.
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