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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews October 25, 2011 Kiltsarijeans  Strategic identity.  Culture is perhaps, the most complex phenomena related to globalization.  Every single person experiences some kind of culture.  Are we merging into a single global/worldwide culture?  Do cultural identities continue to provide meaningful and inspiration in a global era?  How did we get to kiltsarijeans? The result of increased connectivity and the intensification of time and space have produced increased and more intimate contact between people of different languages, religions tradition, customs, values, and beliefs. Ultimately, we have had encounters with more cultures as a result of globalization.  What is culture anyways? Highly contested, particularly in relation to race and identity (postcolonial theory). Even though many say that culture does not exist, many would still say to believe in race (you can’t change it). Might include values, beliefs, traditions, behaviours, norms, and symbolic representation of who we are (clothes)  Three models of cultural globalization: 1. Homogenization: world is becoming increasingly similar, culturally. American capital flow embodied in TNC’s form the conduits for cultural colonization of the globe. “Culture is in the commodity”. America (or Western) cultural dominance- hegemony.  Herterogenization: World is becoming increasingly different, culturally. Local identities, cultures, values, resist, the pressure to conform. “culture is in the traditi
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