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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews September 29, 2011 Globalization in Focus There are many aspects of globalization that can make it tough to fully grasp, however one thing for certain is an increasing level of interconnectedness around the world. No matter how we look at it, our world is inevitably becoming more and more connected and complex. It comes down to the clothes we wear, food we eat, and ideas we use, a sense of unity and belonging as one is not too far an idea. When taking a closer look at the things we use day by day, it doesn’t take long to realize the diversity in where our products come from. Hand in hand with this concept is also the intensifying level of multiculturalism around the world, and especially significant in Canada. It is astounding that in only a day we may be using products manufactured from a multitude of different sources and countries around the world. This paints a very clear picture that we have become a world with high demands, with the ability to fulfil these demands no matter where the location. This is also the bi-product of competitive advantage from a business standpoint. This occurred as corporations realized either the cheaper resources or labour they could exploit from other parts of the world. Globalization revolutionized far more than simply the ability to improve productivity and business models, but directly intertwined business all over the world. We witnessed the effects of this global economy after the recession in 2008, when all over the world economies suffered from the financial downturn that was initially led by the United S
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