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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews October 11, 2011 Environment  Global Ecology: This speaks to the rootedness of things.  Garret Hardin: The tragedy of the commons- finite resources and infinite growth. –Human nature and the commons, a cautionary tale. Losing in the end because of over use of not enough resources. His vision was to determine who had the right to have children. He believed the underlying problem was over population. Population will always outpace the production of food. Somewhere in the mid 1700’s there was a massive population bomb.  Paul Ehrlich: The population bomb. –The neo-Malthusian these and the spectacle of overpopulation.  How should we measure population- by numbers or intensity? People were pointing at the developing world.  Anthropocentrism vs. Biocentrism? To what field of being and things to we attach our ethical judgements? How do we exclude “others” (both human and non-human) from our ethical consideration?  The answer to such questions is hardwired into: the way we talk about out world.  Does the world and its biota have value beyond human purposes? (baobab tree, Iguacu falls, humpback whales)  IS the environment something “out there” that we simply interact with as we seek the material basis (livelihood) upon which to build and sustain human community?  What is we had human and natural community overlapping. What if we consider human life to be no more special or privileged than the lives of other living (and non-living) entities? What if we conceive of “community” in terms of the networks of material flows that make the distinction between “in here” and “out there” blurry and fluid?  The natural gas that is used to produce oil, we could power all the homes in the country.  Athabasca River Delta (largest fresh water delta on earth)  National citizenship vs. Ecological citizenship- addressing joined-up problems in a fragmented world. Constituting citizen rights and obligations: political allegiance or material relationships.  Global Environmental Governance. Governance- The set of rules, institutions and customary norms that regulate relationships between different actors in a particular sphere. Context Internationa
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